CZW Deja Vu (03-14-2015)

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CZW presents “Deja Vu” – $14.99


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CZW presents live wrestling to be held on Saturday, March 14th. Watch LIVE or you can also watch OnDemand after the event is held.

No Ropes Barbed Wire Match
“Bulldozer” Matt Tremont vs. Stockade

CZW Tag Team Titles
O14K (c) vs. Danny Havoc & Devon Moore

CZW Wired Title
“Chainsaw” Joe Gacy vs. Johnny Silver

Deathmatch Trial Series
Lucky 13 vs. “Wrench” Connor Claxton

Bill Carr vs. Buxx Belmar

Sozio vs. Eric Corvis

Gulak vs. Pepper Parks w/Cherry Bomb

Alexander James vs. Greg Exellent

Plus more!


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