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Freight Train was born Charles Stevenson, a son of a single mother trying to make ends meet. While Charles may have struggled during his childhood, as an adult he has become one of the most beloved figures in the world of professional wrestling. Much like everything in Freight Train’s life he had to fight for it. Charles dealt with an undiagnosed mental condition, greedy wrestling school owners and shady promoters before he found his place in the world known as $5 Wrestling. A small wrestling promotion based on lovable characters doing everything they could to make it. Freight Train proved to be the most endearing of all the $5 Wrestlers. Charles’ 14 years of fighting rejection finally paid off and he had become the talk of the wrestling world. To further show the scope of Freight Train’s popularity a Kickstarter campaign was launched to send him to the UK to wrestle for Preston City Wrestling, one of the premier wrestling promotions in the UK. This documentary covers the lowest of lows in Freight Train’s life and the highest of the highs. Along for the ride is the promoter of $5 Wrestling, Jake Manning who has been greatly effected by the positive mindset and unbelievable perseverance of Charles. Something that Jake simple refers to as, The Power Of The Freight Train.

The Power of the Freight Train Documentary – Running Time: 1 hour 38 minutes


1. Childhood

2. Professional Wrestling

3. $5 Wrestling

4. Smooth Belly

5. Laughing With Him or At Him

6. It’s a Disgrace to the Business

7. A Train Wreck

8 Crossover Appeal

9. Touching Lives

10. Going to the UK

11. World Traveler

12. The Big Go Home

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