London & Kendrick Shoot Interview Preview

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London & Kendrick Interview will be on Highspots TV in April and it will also be available on DVD at HIGHSPOTS.COM

Running Time: 5 mins 52 secs

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18 Responses to “London & Kendrick Shoot Interview Preview”

  1. lil_debo Says:

    fuk dem asshole coxsukers.

    VIINCE is the GOD of wrestling.

    those pieces of shyt wouldnt be anywhere if it was for vince.

    fuk you pothead surfers, tna is dead. WWE and VINCE REIGNS supreme.


  2. | The Official Fansite of Paul London » HighSpots Interview Says:

    […] Paul London & Brian Kendrick did an…interesting interview for The DVD will be availablein April. You can watch a preview here. […]

  3. Mr. C.C. Says:

    This is going to be one messed up shoot!

  4. Marcus Says:

    This is going to be AWESOME!!!!!

  5. Midnight138 Says:


  6. John Says:

    I need this on dvd now. It looks amazing.

  7. Tim Kilgore Says:

    This wouldn’t by any chance be getting released on April 20th would it… OK bad joke.

  8. joe Says:

    i am so buying this

  9. Benel Says:

    God, are they high.

  10. nestor Says:

    I can see the “High” part of this interview.

  11. Marc Says:

    This preview says it all…their attitude sucks and they bitch about everyone and everything….they will never succeed..talented guys but damn now i know why they never had them speak.

  12. 420 Says:

    Looks great. I love it when wrestlers wild out and bash their employers. It’s even better when the fanboys get mad and cry whenever anyone bases their favorite promotion.

  13. Paul Says:

    pretty interesting to see fanboys having a go at them. I think they were wasted by WWE, they don’t seem to have an attitude that would lead to them being big stars, but they were definitely wasted in the WWE.

  14. nicola Says:

    I love theese guys!!!

  15. Joleo Says:

    These guys need to leave the wrestling business behind. Bill and Ted 3 is waiting to be made!

  16. rachael Says:

    wow that was funny as fuck but is this in america cos i am in uk and i want to buy it but it is in usa help

  17. Reaprar Says:


    Lolwut. They just said that vince changed the wrestling industry forever, and now you’re bitching about how they’re cocksuckers? What?

    Also that’s pretty funny “RIP Owen” as if vince isn’t a slimey disgusting bastard that tried to turn it into an angle and profit off of his name.

  18. Tempest Says:

    The term “highspots” works well for this particular interview, doesn’t it?

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